Over 20 years Laverda & MZ

History of Orange Cycle Team

In the fall of 1999, against the background of an unsatisfactory supply of spare parts for Laverda motorcycles, Roger Viehl, Doris Schubert and Michael Gawlik came up with a groundbreaking idea. They recognized the need and saw the opportunity to establish their own workshop and become a reliable source of spare parts. This is how the Orange Cycle Team (OCT) was born on February 1, 2000.

Initially, it was Roger Viehl who managed both the spare parts dispatch and the workshop. But the company grew quickly. Faced with increasing demand and a flood of Laverda motorcycles in need of repair and maintenance, OCT gradually expanded its team to four employees.

The initial supply of spare parts could be covered by purchases from the importer at the time and from various warehouses. But with the takeover of Laverda by Aprilia in 2001 and the subsequent lack of spare parts supply, the OCT had to find new ways.

At the end of 2002, an extraordinary opportunity presented itself: the OCT was able to acquire the remaining stock of old Laverda models from Aprilia. This was at the same time the end of natural resources. From the beginning of 2003 a new era began: the OCT started to remanufacture or have remanufactured various parts in Italy and Germany.

Despite the challenges, in the role of producer, wholesaler and workshop, the OCT keeps its goal firmly in sight: to keep the Laverda brand alive and present on the roads.

With the inclusion of the MZ brand in its range in 2001, OCT was able to expand its range of motorcycles and spare parts, thus enabling younger motorcyclists from the age of 16 to get started. The range extends from the throttled 125 for beginners to the 660 Baghira for supermoto and enduro fans to the flagship - the 1000S - a sophisticated sports tourer.

The OCTeam remains true to its mission: to guide customers through their motorcycling experience and provide advice and support. They are not only a company, but also a community that shares a common passion for motorcycles and is dedicated to the service and satisfaction of their customers.

The OCTeam