Spare parts

Orange Cycle Team, your trusted partner for Laverda and MZ spare parts. With decades of experience and a passionate commitment to these unique motorcycle brands, we have made it our mission to provide a comprehensive range of quality spare parts to meet the wants and needs of all Laverda and MZ riders.

In our wide range of stock you will find everything your motorcycle heart desires, including original parts for any restoration or repair.


In our impressive Laverda spare parts warehouse, a true treasure trove for every Laverda enthusiast. With over 80,000 different spare parts, ranging from original parts to custom-made parts, we have the right part for any repair or restoration.

Our stock includes everything from the smallest screw to the complete motorcycle frame. Every single part has been carefully selected and stored to ensure the quality and authenticity you expect from Laverda. Our extensive range of genuine parts helps preserve the distinctiveness and performance of your Laverda motorcycle.

We understand the importance of each part and its role in the overall picture of the motorcycle. That's why we strive to offer you a complete range of spare parts that will help you keep your Laverda motorcycle in its best condition.

Whether you're looking for a special bolt for your vintage model or need a frame for a comprehensive restoration, you'll find what you need in our Laverda parts store. Our goal is to support your passion for Laverda and help you keep your bike as authentic and powerful as possible.


Our specially dedicated spare parts warehouse for MZ motorcycles, is a real treasure trove for all owners and lovers of this legendary brand. Our stock is extensive and covers all 4-stroke models, with a special focus on the powerful MZ 1000 models as well as the compact, yet robust MZ 125 models.

We carry an impressive selection of spare parts that have been carefully tested for quality and fit. From engine parts to chassis parts to special parts for the 125 models - in our warehouse you will find everything you need for the maintenance, repair or restoration of your MZ motorcycle.

We understand that each MZ motorcycle is unique and requires special care. Therefore, we specialize in providing you with the best parts that will preserve the character and performance of your motorcycle. With our spare parts stock, we want to make sure that your beloved MZ motorcycle meets the highest standards and that you can continue to enjoy riding for many years to come.